Sunday, February 19, 2023

IPI Spring talk: Beyond the veil of common sense - A logical view of nature, by Trevor Page

Our next IPI spring talk will be on the 11th of March at 5 PM London time. The talk will be delivered online via ZOOM. 

Title: Beyond the veil of common sense - A logical view of nature


A simple deduced model of common sense and the process of “making sense” is presented. The limitations of common sense and specific reasons for those limitations are explained.Several examples of irrationality due to common sense bias are identified within the fields of mathematics, science, philosophy, and religion. A series of logical proofs for the origin of the universe and its fundamental quantum nature are delivered. Each logical proof is also sensibly analysed and deemed nonsensical, further illuminating the inequivalence of common sense and logic. In accordance with the assumption that nature is ultimately logical, a new form of mathematics is necessarily introduced, wherein value is conserved.Preliminary expressions of the universe are developed (relative expressions of |1|), revealing what are purported to be the foundational quantum informational structures of nature. These structures, of which there are apparently 72! instances, are presumed to underpin and support the standard model, either as it currently stands, or at least future revisions of it. As such the purported structures are characterised and categorised in a manner conducive to a forthcoming mapping. Quantum superposition, entanglement and probability are shown to be natural requirements of logic. Finally, suggestions for further work are given.

Author: Trevor Page

Bio: Trevor Page, now age 51, was born in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk. He spent his entire childhood and most of his teenage years there. He was not often far away from synthesizers, guitars, soldering irons or computers, such as his Sinclair ZX81, BBC model B and his school’s network of Link 480Zs.

For a short period, he became fascinated by self-derived recursive algorithms which produced images resembling simple organisms and patterns found in nature. He was kindly sent by his maths teacher to an early lecture on the Mandelbrot set.

Trevor enjoyed obtaining a bachelor’s degree in electrical and electronic engineering from the University of Surrey and subsequently worked for the MoD / DERA, inventing and trialling novel non-lethal RF weapon systems.

He subsequently settled in Alberta, Canada (1997) and worked for Nortel Networks, developing key technology and patents for high power RF amplifiers and radio equipment used in cellular base stations.

Trevor currently works for Baker Hughes, designing electronics, acoustic telemetry downhole tools, etc. He continues to innovate, frequently generating trade secrets, new simulation methods / tools and valuable IP.

His favourite activities include helping people to record and produce their own original music, inventing / designing / collaborative problem solving, and perhaps most of all, deeply pondering the nature of things whenever there are quiet moments.

Trevor has two children aged 17 and 21 who constantly amaze him with their ever-increasing abilities and insights.

 11th of March at 17.00 London time. Online ZOOM lecture - link will be emailed to the IPI members.

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