Saturday, March 25, 2023

IPI Easter lecture - Neuromorphic Computing: from theory to practice, by Prof. Vitaly Vanchurin

Our next IPI Easter Lecture will be on the 17th of April at 11.00 AM EST (15.00 London time). 

Title: Neuromorphic Computing: from theory to practice

Abstract: There are billions of billions of organisms that are currently deployed on the planet Earth. All of them came into existence by the process known as biological evolution and all of them are constantly preforming certain information processing or computational tasks. For all practical purposes these organisms can be considered as computers, but what is exactly their architecture? Do they have the classical von Neumann architecture or is there something else that we can identify and, perhaps, use for developing better computers? Do they use quantum effects or quantum computation, or all such effects are irrelevant for computations performed on the macroscopic scales of individual organisms? In this talk, I will describe the recent theoretical advances in physics, biology and machine learning that could lead to the development of a new generation of neuromorphic computers.

Author: Prof. Vitaly Vanchurin
BIO: Vitaly Vanchurin graduated from a famous math high school, #57, in Moscow. He won a science competition and received a full scholarship to attend Suffolk University in Boston. After graduation, he entered graduate school at Tufts University, where he defended his doctoral dissertation on cosmic strings. Then he worked at the University of Munich and Stanford University on the theory of cosmological inflation and quantum cosmology. 
He received a professorship from the University of Minnesota, where he continued his work on quantum gravity and developed the physical theory of neural networks. In the last two years, he worked at the National Institutes of Health, where he developed a physical approach to the theory of biological evolution, and recently founded Artificial Neural Computing company to conduct research at the intersection of physics, biology, and machine learning.

 17th of April at 15.00 London time. Online ZOOM lecture - link will be emailed to the IPI members.

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